About Planet Should

I have spent 44 years walking around Planet Earth. The state of our society -not just in the US, but everywhere- makes me want to weep.

I stopped watching the news almost a decade ago. I could no longer bear to hear all the tragic, unfair, inhumane happenings.  It seems that we as a species are doing everything we can to wipe ourselves out in new and horrific ways. From genocide, war, and disease; repression, oppression, and chaos.

There are pockets of positivity. Small microcosms of “rightness” that struggle to find their way into the light and spread it. Corporations, governments, politicians and far too many of the super-rich enjoy a lifestyle that the majority of humanity cannot even afford to dream about.

No matter how much or how hard we work, we do not seem to be able to get ahead of our bills, credit reports, and student loans.

This blog is about the SHOULD.

  • How we SHOULD be treating each other.
  • How the financial world SHOULD work for people instead of against them.
  • How healthcare SHOULD be affordable for everyone.
  • Poverty and homelessness SHOULD be dealt with instead of swept under the rug.
  • Children SHOULD be allowed to stay with their parents instead of torn away and kept in squalor.
  • People SHOULD be their brother’s (sister’s, cousin’s, aunt’s, uncle’s, etc.) keeper.


With all the wealth and resources this world has to offer, we SHOULD be a peaceful, tolerant, and compassionate species.

We are not.

Watch the news. Read the paper. Click a random link on Facebook. Watch YouTube.

We are not what we SHOULD be.

I invite any of everyone who wishes to share their struggle and triumphs to join me in building the society as it SHOULD be. Trolls, negative or disdainful posts or comments are not welcome and will be deleted. If you are not helping to uplift, encourage and assist, you do not belong on Planet Should. Stay on Planet Is. They understand you there.


For the rest…

Welcome home.



Gwendolyn J

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