We Know Trump is a Racist (Why Are We Still Talking About It?)

Donald Trump is a racist.

I don’t understand why there is any question, debate, or conversation on this.

He was racist when he took out full-page ads that called for the death penalty for the Central Park 5. A confession from the actual criminal and DNA exonerated them.

Source: DailyMail.com

He was racist when he voiced continual doubt about President Barack Obama’s American citizenship.

birth-certificate-long-form bobama

He was racist when he banned Muslims from entry into the US. It took three rounds, but he finally managed to get Supreme Court approval to “restrict the entry of nationals from Iran, Libya, Somalia Syria, Yemen, North Korea, and Venezuela” (Politifact.com)

He was racist two weeks ago when he told four Congressional women of color to go back where they came from. Three were born in the US and the fourth is a naturalized citizen.

He was racist this past weekend when attacked Chairman Elijah Cummings, head of the House Committee on Oversight and Reform about the state of Baltimore, MD.

One thing you can say about him: he’s consistent.

Remember when Jeffrey Epstein was arrested and questions were being raised about Trump’s connection to him?

Trump launched his attack on The Squad.

Remember last week when Mueller testified in open session before the House Judiciary and Intelligence committees? He clearly stated that he did not indict Trump because he is a sitting President, but that he could indict him once he leaves the office.

Trump launched an attack on Congressman Elijah Cummings after he questioned acting DHS Secretary Kevin McAleenan about the conditions at the border. Cummings also subpoenaed Mazars, a long-time Trump accounting firm for Trump’s financial records. A federal judge upheld that subpoena.

Trump’s racist rants against people of color are nothing but a distraction ploy.

As The Squad said: Don’t take the bait.

Stay focused. This is just the next step in Trump’s efforts to divide We The People. Unity and knowledge among We The People is his nightmare. Exposure of his shady dealings and empty promises is his nightmare.

The truth about Trump is clear.

Too much time and energy are taken up with this deflection tactic. We know Trump is racist.

We know he does not care about taking care of anyone but himself and seeing to it his rich friends get what they want, as much as they want.

We know he is a liar and a con man. Not convinced?

Trump has repeatedly stated he got a “small $1 million loan” from his father, Fred Trump and “built it into an empire.”

Fact: According to MSNBC, and even Trump biographer Michael D’Antonio
“It was always a scam.” Trump lost about $1 billion over a ten-year span. His businesses have filed bankruptcy 6 times, and he has been sued for not paying employees and contractors.

Trump University = Con. Google it.

So let’s move on.

Let’s talk about climate change. Let’s discuss the income gap. Discuss how to correct the tax situation that benefits 1% of the country and drops a huge weight on the rest of us.

Let’s discuss the crushing weight of debt, the cost of living, the lack of a living wage.

Let’s talk about Big Pharma and private insurance companies and why so many people in this country cannot afford healthcare.

Let’s talk about inhumane conditions at the border. Work out some kind of compromise that eases the pressure on border patrol and speaks to why these people feel driven to leave their homes for the US.

I challenge media outlets to stop occupying so much of their air time with Trump and focus on what matters to the people. Focus on real issues. Report on what we really worry about.

Give the ConMan in Chief his 3-5 minutes and move on to actual issues that face Americans every day.

Gwendolyn J


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6 thoughts on “We Know Trump is a Racist (Why Are We Still Talking About It?)

  1. Yes he is quite the character.  I do not like to talk about politics much but he is too over the top most of the time he is speaking.  I am not sure if he is the leader we need moving forward.  Which candidate are you looking to support in next years election?  Do you think Trump will win another election next year or do you think people are seeing right through him?

    1. Chris,

      I believe that if the Democratic party can suck it up and accept change, Bernie Sanders is the one that will unseat Trump. The popular candidate at the moment appears to be Elizabeth Warren, as she has recently partially hopped onto Sanders’ 40-year-old platform. 

      If either of them ends up with the nomination, I sincerely hope they select the other as a running mate. 

      These two, I think, will be the horse that gets us across the line back to the country we want the world to think we are. 

      I do not see the country improving gif Trump remains in office. We are already tired after only 2 years. It is not an exaggeration to say that people are already mad enough to stage an armed revolution if we don’t get him out of there. It seems as if he thrives on the drama and outrage he creates just by opening his mouth (or his Twitter account). 

      Isn’t that a defining trait of a narcissist? 

      Thank you for stopping by 🙂

      Gwendolyn J

  2. That’s an excellent read – and something us in the UK will find refreshing (we’re all still running about building bomb shelters at the end of our gardens…and trying to figure out how this man became president?)

    As you say, a lot of it is down to deflection, and it’s a clever workaround by ‘the men/women in the background’ that are really tugging the president’s strings (the intelligent ones!). 

    On a lighter note – do you have Welsh blood in your family? I’m Welsh, and I can’t see a name like Gwendolyn not having some sort of link?

    1. Chris,

      I understand your concern! All I felt when I saw Trump winning was fear. My family is multiethnic, and I knew his politics did not favor working families. For several weeks after the election, I remained in a state of despair. I knew no good would come from Trump in office, and I was not alone. I only half-joked with my husband about moving to Canada.

      My genealogy is odd, as my father’s family can trace themselves to Blackfoot Native Americans, but my mother’s family is composed of Irish/Welsh/African lineage. 

      So yes, my name is Welsh, and perhaps I am a little bit. I don’t trust the companies offering to analyze my DNA to find out for certain. Maybe I will find one that can convince me that my genome will not be used in some secret experiments 🙂

      Thanks for stopping by,

      Gwendolyn J

  3. The first thing that comes to mind when I read your big bold picture letters, BRING BACK THE DEATH PENALTY, is this, what if after the fact innocence is proven, which has happened many times through the course of history.  What now, the person is dead… 

    But anyway, back to your post, really interesting stuff.  This is by far the most interesting read, and interesting video I have seen in a while.    

    I really don’t know much about politics, and I am not American, I live in the desert far far away.  Something that boggles my mind though, how can the American public, THE first world country, vote THIS man into power and make him lead them?

    1. Marlene,

      During the 2016 race, people were certain Trump could not possibly win. After the Democrats nominated Hillary Clinton over Bernie Sanders, it occurred to me that with her against him, he could. 

      Democrats liked Clinton because her platform was their platform. She was not about to shake up the status quo. They knew that Sanders would not submit to the rank and file ideals. He has never been a conformist, and he has held to the same platform for his entire career. He despises the status quo and made no secret that he would work to change it.

      People I talked to were confident in Clinton, as Trump had no political experience. I believed, however, that he could win, because of his money, his brash, unpolished manner, and his connections. 

      And that’s what happened. 

      He fooled enough people into voting for him to win the electoral vote. In the US the popular vote only awards the lion’s share of electoral college points to the candidate that takes the majority of votes on the state level. 

      This is an antiquated practice that Progressives want to be abolished because it does not reflect the actual will or true diversity of the people. This was put into place when only white male landowners were allowed to vote, and it made sense then. There was no TV, no internet. Many people never even saw the candidates. 

      Clinton won the popular vote by nearly 3 million votes, but she did not win the key states that awarded the most electoral votes. Trump beat her there 306 to 232. It takes 270 electoral votes to clinch the Presidential election.

      There’s also quite of bit of “gerrymandering” or drawing districts to include an optimal number of voters for a certain party/candidate. This is also something Progressives want to see regulated, if not outlawed. 

      Add to that voter registration tampering (which is subtle and insidious) and you have a perfect potion. 

      This is how Trump “won” the election.  

      Thanks for stopping by, 

      Gwendolyn J

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