Welcome to Planet IS: Possible Cure for Alzheimer’s Discovered (But the Money is Too Good!)

The Young Turks are one of my favorite sources of real news. They are upfront and raw.

Today, I noticed this video from their series The Breakdown and it ticks me off. This is a Planet Is issue.


Big Pharma giant Pfizer is apparently refusing to perform trials on a potential Alzheimer’s cure.


They won’t make any money on it.

Yeh, that chaps my hide too.

Mostly because I also run an herbal remedies site because modern medicine keeps reminding us they care more about money than people.



Let’s talk about this.


Gwendolyn J

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8 thoughts on “Welcome to Planet IS: Possible Cure for Alzheimer’s Discovered (But the Money is Too Good!)

  1. The video on this post could not be played for some reason, but that  makes me really angry to hear the pharmacy company Pfizer is refusing to perform trials on a potential Alzheimer´s cure. What kind of potential treatment for Alzheimer´s is it? 

    That´s very frustrating news, but unfortunately it doesn’t surprise me. Pharmacy companies won´t do anything that doesn’t make them money. On the other hand, when something makes them money, they are ready to lie to people and risk their health to sell them medicine, that doesn’t even help and has serious side effects. 

    1. Kirsti,

      Sorry about that. I had to move the link over but here it is

      I would like to think that our dim view of Big Pharma is skewed due to lack of information. 

      But the more information we get, the less I care for the situation we are in with so-called healthcare. 

      Thanks for stopping by.

      Gwendolyn J

  2. Hello Gwendolyn; My opinion is that no studies are being done to prevent Alzheimer because the pharmaceutical industry is far too costly to treat (no obviously) than to prevent. If you are conscious, you can do some things to prevent this disease in old age. Consume certain plants and continue to use your brain.

    best regards


    1. Carmen,

      The thing is, they already have the drug on the market. 

      It’s Enbrel, and it is marketed for rheumatoid arthritis. If you look at the video, it seems pretty clear that they are not running trials on Alzheimer’s patients with this drug because their extended patent is running out on Enbrel in 2029. SAt that time, they will face competition from generic brands. They will not have exclusive rights to the formulation anymore, so they chose not to explore any further uses for the drug. 

      Sad, and sickening. 

      Gwendolyn J

  3. This kind of thing is further evidence that some changes are needed in the laws and the tax breaks that such companies get from the Government(s). This makes no sense to me at all. I do think this same type of Corporate suppression (malfeasance?) happens in other market niches like energy, transportation, etc. too.

    It is time that we got away from the “for-profit ” model of business I think and move to a “for survival and a better standard of living” model. With the advances in technology that are taking place at an ever-faster rate, there is going to have to be some re-thinking of what we are going to have people do anyway. 

    Maybe it is time to tear up the whole health-care and pharmaceutical industries and redesign them in a fashion that better fits the coming change in how people earn a living. Pharma has taken advantage of the politicians to get laws passed where they can get away with this kind of thing. 

    It is time we took back the politicians and let them know they work for us, not the big corporations. That is what I think… It comes down to what is good for the masses is what should be done, not what is good for the corporations/a few over anything else…

    1. Dave,

      I will agree that the entire healthcare-Big Pharma bromance needs to end. It’s not us, it’s them. 

      They make money on treatments, the longer the treatment, the more they make. Doctors are caught between a rock and a bigger rock and a hard place. 

      They are sworn to do no harm and aid the sick, but with the costs of malpractice insurance, shady “I’ll sue” mentality, ambulance chasers -plus those loans for college and medical school- they can become trapped by the funds Big Pharma throws around to make sure their drugs get into our hands.

      I want to believe most doctors got into it to help people, but the ones who try to work without Big Pharma money are so few and far between, it is hard to see them. 

      Thanks for stopping by :).

      Gwendolyn J

  4. Yes, I apparently heard a news that pfizer halts making a cure for Alzheimer and Parkinson for the reason that they want to “reallocate” their efforts to areas where they can show more of their strong scientific leadership. In the news. They would like to focus more on meds for chronic pain. Pfizer’s also having an issue with lay offs. Anyway, why do some of these pharmaceutical companies would always prioritize what’s on demand and not what’s needed?  Maybe they have better explanation. I didn’t really get much from the news. Consumers always consider trust in purchasing products especially medicine.  This is why more people would like to put their trust on herbal medicine for prevention and sometimes cure.

    1. MissusB,

      Science has its place in keeping us healthy, but the very idea of keeping this potentially revolutionary treatment unavailable to benefit the bottom line makes me so mad I could spit acid. 

      My sister has lupus, SLE the most virulent and debilitating version of it. SHe has been sick literally all of our lives. She is one so many drugs to treat the various conditions and symptoms of this disease she gets depressed picking up her medications from the pharmacy. She doesn’t get a paper bag. I swear there are at least 30, maybe as many as 40 bottles in that big plastic bag.

      As an herbalist, I am aware of -and continue to research- several preparations that could improve her condition and minimize her symptoms. She won’t do it, because she is afraid she will die if she does not take these drugs. 

      It breaks my heart to see her suffering, and Pfizer’s refusal to even explore the possibility of a preventative or even a cure for Alzheimer’s does not brighten my view of Big Pharma.

      It has to get better. We have to make it better.

      Thanks for stopping by.

      Gwendolyn J

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